Tribal Skull Tattoo

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    • Size 9 cm X 12.5 cm
    • A skull tattoo represents the philosophy of death that it is an inevitable phenomenon of life that will come to all. It’s amazing how a skull tattoo design can represent both mortality and immortality. Mortality in that death is for all and life ends, and immortality in the life after death.
    • The tribal skull tattoo also symbolizes fearlessness, danger and adventure. But a tribal skull tattoo never actually meant all the negative aspects like death, danger and fear.
    • Traditionally it meant a great change, a transformation. But then the meaning evolved to mean death, as death is the greatest change in anyone’s life.

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    How To Use

    1. Peel off the clear plastic surface that protects the tattoo.
    2. Place the image face-down on your body.
    3. Firmly press a damp (but not soaking) cloth or sponge over the back of the tattoo.
    4. Hold it in that position for at least 60 seconds. This will get you the most complete image. Try to move as little as possible.
    5. Take off the cloth/sponge. Gently grab a corner of the paper with two fingers and slowly peel off a little bit.
    6. Wait another minute for it to dry, remembering to not move the area you tattooed so it'll stay smooth.
    7. And Hey Presto! Your temporary tattoo is ready.

    • The transfer tattoos will come off naturally over a few days just with normal washing. Tattoos can be removed quickly and easily with either baby oil or an alcohol cleanser.

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