Out of Smoke !

    Smoking Rasta Men Resin Ashtray


    A big, attractive and adorable ashtray that can hold multiple cigarettes at a time. The ashtray has been made of a special material to make it durable and it is deep enough to hold ash for 2-3 days. Flaunt this trendy ashtray while you party!
    i. Has hairs made of the same material as of the ashtray which makes it even more attractive and durable.
    ii. Not a smoker? Use it as a decorative piece in your living room
    iii. Made with high precision and durable enough to be carried anywhere. Partying outdoor? Take it along!

    Out Of Smoke !

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    A unique and attractive ashtray which can hold more than one cigarette at a time. It can hold a lot of ash so you don’t have to clean it every now and then. Flaunt it as you party!
    i. Bob Marley miniature provided with realistic hairs
    ii. Made of special material that makes it durable
    iii. Very stylish and attractive – can be used as a show piece in your living room

    The perfect partner for smoker lovers. Even if you are alone, you won’t feel lonely – the Bob Marley miniature smoking a roll will be your partner.
    i. Your perfect partner to get high – enjoy!
    ii. Highly durable, made with precision and has realistic hairs to give a realistic touch!
    iii. Eye catching design. Can be used as a show piece or gift item.

    A big, attractive and adorable ashtray that acts as a bobble head as well. The ashtray is deep enough to hold ash for 2-3 days. Trendy ashtray, perfect for party goers!
    i. Funny Jamaican human figure ashtray
    ii. Use it as an ashtray or show piece for your living room
    iii. Highly durable, made with precision.

    Yes, Astrays are very important for smokers. They keep house net and tidy as well as are helpful in throwing the ash.
    i. Good quality
    ii. How do we plan it is another thing to make note.



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