LED Beer Mug Glass Big Size

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    At 28 oz. (800 ml), this is our largest drink cup, (part of our Light-Up Barware collection.) Imagine holding a luminous beer mug in your hand, where the whole mug, and the beverage inside, spins with many colorful lights! Be the center of the party with this cool mug! These will be the talk of the party and a must for every party goer! Six bright LED’s 2 blue, 2 jade, and 2 red, powered by three AAA batteries (included) that flashes or blinks when liquid is poured into the glass make this one of the brightest, flashiest items that we carry. The base, which contains all of the electronics, is removable, making this mug easy to clean and dishwasher safe. This large light-up beer mug is made of a high quality, safe, clear acrylic.

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