Out of Smoke !

    Colored Scrub Brush Pipe Cleaner


    This colorful pipe cleaning brush is a must have for all those bong lovers and people who love to get high! Provided with flexible stick that cleans every corner of the bong or percolator and thick cotton bud removes all marks. Have an extra-ordinary smoking experience.

    1. The hook lets you hang this colourful cleaner on the wall
    2. Reaches every corner to make the bong sparkling clean
    3. Doesn’t let the flavours get mixed up – it cleans thoroughly
    4. Pipe maintenance is particularly important for the quality of your smoke.
    5. Without regular cleaning of your pipe functionality decreases exponentially.
    6. Just reach for your Scrub Brush, run it through the stem of your pipe and 'voila!' dispose of the residue and your pipe is good as new.

    Out Of Smoke !

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