What is Ladkart ?

After having months of sincere high (pun intended) the wish to provide the same to others was conceived so Ladkart with no business plan and strategy was established in year 2014 like an unwanted child. The baby was born, now the million dollar question was ‘what to do with it?’ So it was decided to conceive the baby back in the womb again. And then restructure it exactly for nine months. So for our customers we have Ladkart in a brand new avatar.

Your highness matters to us the most. For you only we have stocked in all funky products. Who wants grocery when you can visit the nearest supermarket? Who wants books when you have access to libraries? What you don’t have easy access to is the party stuff. That’s where we fit in. Ladkart has almost everything that will help you take your party to the next level.Yes, now you can Buy bongs online India. All we can’t deliver at your doorstep are your precious friends.

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Buy bongs online India
Buy bongs online India
Buy bongs online India

We are really not bothered about how many types of people are there in the world. To us only two kinds of people exist-  one who are HIGH on life (cosmic high) the other who are HIGH on herbal supplies, so we decided to cater to both these groups.

PS – you might be wondering what about people who don’t belong to these. Well we consider them lifeless!! Go get a life, shop with Ladkart and Buy bongs online India!!

And remember a good high is not a discounted quotient for the sole reason we don’t offer unrealistic discounts.

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